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The chair-side digitization of VPS impressions is a revolutionary advancement that puts your practice at the forefront of technology and creates a positive point-of-difference with your patients. With it, you’ll be able to practice more efficiently, effectively, and profitably while also increasing patient satisfaction.

Step 1


Flexitime Fast & Scan material supports CAD/CAM manufacturing of prosthetic restorations and offers optimal workflow integration for impressions and their digitalization.

Impressions are scanned directly without the need for powder, providing greater accuracy, improved efficiency, and access to modern CAD/CAM restorations.

With over 10 years of proven impression performance and market experience, Flexitime Fast & Scan was developed together with dentists and labs to address new manufacturing processes and optimal digital workflow.


Step 2


Dental Wings iSeries chairside impression scanner

With its small footprint, embedded computer and semi-automatic operation, the Dental Wings iSeries impression scanner allows anyone on the dental team to quickly digitize VPS impressions. Once the scan is completed, data is automatically transmitted to the dental laboratory of choice. Within seconds the lab has in its hands all the clinical information needed to fabricate the prescribed restorations. The process could not be simpler, it is as easy as sending an email.

Benefits of chairside impression scanning

Review impression scans while the patient is still in the chair • improved restoration precision • reduced turnaround time • economical and ecological • integrated communication with the dental lab • digital archiving of restorations and models.

To learn more about Dental Wings and the iSeries scanner follow the link:


Step 3


Stratasys Objet 3D Printers

Improve communication and collaboration while also tightening the design and development cycle with the use of Stratasys 3D printers. Send your 3D file digitally to the printer where it will print the stone model, appliance, delivery and position trays, clear aligners, retainers and surgical guides quickly and efficiently.

Stratasys advanced technology, featuring ultra-thin build layers, sets a new standard in 3D printing. High-speed, easy and clean production of smooth surfaced, fine detailed models are available within hours of receiving the 3D file.

To learn more about 3D printing with Stratasys visit:


Step 4


Consistently creating high quality, precise fitting restorations has never been easier for the dentist-laboratory team. Chairside impression scanning brings all the advantages of dental CAD/CAM to your practice without changing your impression taking protocol or forcing you to learn a new technology.

You can review your impression scans before the patient leaves your office and your lab can begin fabrication of the restorations and digital models within minutes of receiving the impression data. With enhanced communication and significant productivity gains, your laboratory is able to consistently deliver high quality restorations faster and with fewer remakes.