Marketing strategy

At Optimum Wine Services, the marketing strategy is generally brought about by the production of a marketing plan that proposes the analysis of the current marketing situation of threats and market opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of products, objectives, strategy and quantitative marketing actions, programmed, budgeted and empowered.

Three major axes

  • Strategic analysis (definition of the choice of different markets in Canada)
  • Strategic objectives (categorization, segmentation, positioning, targeting, branding)
  • Operational marketing (price, product, distribution, promotion/communication)

Branding development

Branding is the place of the brand in consumers’ minds, the idea being to be the first or one of the first brands that come to the minds of consumers in regards to corresponding market sector.

In the wine and spirits industry, branding development is a real source of value which undoubtedly is an important success factor and Optimum Wine Services can rely on professionals ready to elevate your brand in all markets in Canada.

Developing promotional plans

Our service of promotional plan development is the realization of the marketing strategy plan which identifies concrete operational actions planned for a given period. We describe the target customer, the means to implement the operations to be carried out, the financial goal to achieve and the corresponding deadlines.

The development of the promotional plan is part of our global approach to producers of wines and spirits eager to distribute their products in Canadian markets.

Promotional material

Ideation, production and distribution of promotional materials.

Public relations

Optimum Wine Services stands out both for its sensitive understanding of several markets in Canada and by the knowledge of different disciplines of communication and public relations in the wine and spirits industry in general.